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TDC Cordless Lighting (HIRE) offers you the opportunity to transform your Events and TV and Film Sets by hiring stunning, decorative, rechargeable, battery operated cordless/wireless lamps and lanterns – the perfect event styling accessory. Our cordless lighting solution utilises the iPowerLite® – a compact battery unit that fits into most lamps and lanterns – negating the need for wires and sockets.

Use our cordless lamps in place of pin spots and reduce set-up time and cost, and remove any trip or fire hazards. No need to drill holes in props, tables and furniture. Our wireless lighting solution is extremely portable and easy to re-locate anywhere within your event space or TV/Film set, at any time during the event or filming.

Our hire service is available to the Event and TV/Film industry, in the UK and Worldwide and is used in hotels, museums, galleries, historic venues, palaces, castles, venues, restaurants, studios, bars, cinemas and marquees – indoors or outdoors.

TDC Cordless Lighting (SALES) offers you the opportunity to purchase a range of smaller Cabaret and taller Console cordless lamps for permanent installation in Hotel Lounges, Restaurants, Clubs, Bars, Private Cinemas, Spas in fact ANYWHERE. We ship worldwide.

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