Who We Are

TDC Cordless Lighting are creative and innovative event specialists, who searched the world to find a solution to provide decorative, stylish cordless lighting initially for the dining table when pin spots and candles could not be used. We wanted to find a solution to reduce the time and cost spent waiting for pin spots to be erected. After an unsuccessful search we designed, patented and manufactured a cordless lighting solution, which fits into a lamp or lantern of your choice to create a warm ambient welcome that transforms your events, venue or even your home, in fact ANYWHERE.

The iPowerLite® was invented by ourselves in the UK and is now hired and sold to the Event and TV/Film Industry around the world.

The iPowerLite®

The British designed iPowerLite® is an integrated power pack and dimmable light bulb via remote or App control, which uses the latest reliable and quality battery technology. It is compact, lightweight and re-chargeable. Provides up to 24 hours of warm flattering light. There are five levels of intensity from a subtle candlelight effect, up to the equivalent to 50 watts output via the use of the remote control. When using the App the intensity and effects are limitless. Charging of the unit takes just under 3 hours. All components are fully accredited and hold the CE mark. No PAT testing required.

The iPowerLite® is extremely versatile and fits into most lamps, lanterns and indeed any container of your choice, even a paper bag! It can be used inside or out, casting light up or down. The bulb radiates light over a 3m² area and the pin spot projects a light beam up to 6m². They are safe to use, remain cool and present no trip or fire hazard.

The iPowerLite® - European (GB) Patent No: 02232127

Find out more on our iPowerLite® website

  • I just wanted to say a belated thank you to you and your team for the lovely lights at the TWI Annual Dinner. Once again your team did a really good job.

    Becki Parratt, TWI